A Sydney-based ‘fitspiration model’ has consumed six times his daily recommended amount of calories, it has been confirmed.

While running a moderately successful Instagram fitspo account under the name of Zen-On Fitness, the 23-year-old has already consumed 43 high-carb Balinese beers on his annual cheat week.

“Nothing is wrong with a bit of overindulgence here and there” says Zenon (23) to his several hundred followers, while still attempting to appear as some sort of authority on health and wellbeing.

“Cardio is the thing that will kill you. Not a couple beers”

While initially hoping to have his entire holiday paid for by supplement brands and Bali hotels in exchange for promotion on his Instagram page, @zen_onfitness, the Cert 4 recepient was told that 656 followers is not enough.

“A lot of people don’t like some of the things I post about. It’s just a bit too honest for them ha ha ha”

“I’d have 200k followers if I posted all that crossfit paleo bullshit”

“Don’t listen to your doctors or so-called ‘physios’ – they are completely out of touch with modern fitness techniques”.

With his girlfriend mostly concerned about the amount of sheer alcohol in his bloodstream, Zen-On Fitness will be on hiatus until he has finished the full ‘Bali experience’.

“I was hoping to get a sleeve tattoo over here as well. But I’m worried that it might affect my program when I return to the gym next week”

“Eat clean, train dirty Ha ha Ha” he posts.


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