With ABC’s Q&A expected to return to the screens around this February, ABC producers have been left red-faced today after it was revealed that they had accidentally booked Australian cricketing left-hander Mitchell Starc onto the panel for the first episode of 2017.

Pre-existing rumours surrounding a hidden ABC left-wing agenda have all but been confirmed after the 26-year-old Homebush Boys High product was invited on under the basis that he was a ‘proud lefty’.

Starc says the invitation was a shock, but given the obscure media that surrounds Australian cricketers at this time of the year, he wasn’t overly surprised.

“I don’t know much about politics. I spent a bit of time on the Google this morning looking up Malcolm Turnbull. I didn’t know he’d been Prime Minister for that long. I’ve missed out on a bit with touring” he said to the Betoota Advocate this morning.

“But yeah. I wouldn’t classify myself as a lefty in the political sense. I don’t really have much of an opinion on anything. But when it comes to cricket I am most definitely a lefty”

Mitchell Starc has stunned Australian cricketing fans this year with an outstanding display of batting in throughout the Summer Test match series between Australia and Pakistan. Cementing himself as one of Australia’s most vital inclusions to the side after smashing 7 massive sixes in his innings of 84 runs at the MCG in the second test.

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate today, Q&A host Tony Jones said Mitchell Starc’s assumed political loyalties had nothing to do with his selection onto the panel.

“Everyone knows that it’s only the Q&A audiences that have to be lefties. The guests can be whatever they like”

“Starc got the call up because we figured people might actually tune in if we had actually had a guest that the audiences could relate to”



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