6 January, 2017. 12:34

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A single vehicle accident west of Yamba has closed the Pacific Highway in both directions as emergency crews work to pick up thousands of AA batteries.

The Tesla Model S P85 collided with the median barrier just after tea local time, with the front battery pack rupturing, spilling the batteries across both lanes.

The driver escaped serious injury, but was taken to Grafton Base Hospital for mandatory blood and alcohol testing.

However, this crash is proving to be quite the headache for local road crews, who’ve been tasked with collecting all the batteries – making sure they have all of them.

“If any of these bastards end up in the Clarence, we’d be looking at an environmental disaster,” said fire chief Gary Cottswell. “We have to make sure we have all the batteries accounted for before we re-open the highway.”

The closure of the highway has inconvenienced thousands of holidaying Australians and many of them have taken to social media to vent their frustration.

“Look at this smug cunt in his fucking dodgem car,” said one Twitter user. “Fucking prick, learn to drive!”

Another Facebook user left one of the vilest and down-right appalling comments that the staff here at The Advocate have ever seen. In the interests of public safety, we’ve opted not to reprint it.

More to come.


  1. potentially shocking story, charged with emotion. Revolting response, I know, but there has to be reistance for people on their way ohm. here’s hoping the driver will be charged.


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