A local inner-city Melbourne progressive who demands action on providing asylum for refugees and renewal energy alternatives has today thrown her hand up to hypothetically house a family of dispossessed Syrians of Rohingyans, but not right now.

Right now they are renovating the terrace house, so they can finally get some light into the nursery for their newborn, and get some carpet laid in their front bedroom for the 32-month-old.

When asked about the other two bedrooms, one which is used as a vinyl collection for her husband’s collection of early 1990s rnb, and another which sits vacant, Asher Pearlett (36) says the poor rescue greyhound gets a bit territorial.

“I mean the renovations are pretty loud. It wouldn’t be a good environment for someone suffering PTSD”

“Especially when the dog barks. It might remind them of, you know, war”

While Asher and her husband Clementè have both signed upwards of 30 different #BringThemHere petitions, she says their house is just a bit crowded to help house any of the millions of stateless humans currently in a limbo between persecution in their home countries and a warm bed anywhere else in the world.

“Ahh. It’s such a shame. Bundy Sunday really isn’t good with new people”

“For the record that was the name she already had when we picked him up off the greyhound trainer”



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