A social circle engrained deep in Betoota’s working class Flight Path District are today congratulating one of their more hotheaded male friends, Kane (29), for not toweling anyone up for a while.

While his female friends say it’s a direct result of him having a nice girlfriend that they set him up with, his footy mates say that it has a lot to do with him giving up the rum and smoking a bit more hooter.

As of last count, it has been almost two years and three months since Kane’s last dip, following an incident with some of Roma boys out the front of the Lord Kidman Hotel on New Year’s Eve 2016.

It is not known if ‘Old Kane’ was acting out of a lack of emotional intelligence, or if it was because of pride – but his male friends say they always felt a little bit relieved walking past the hip hop venues when he was out and about.

“It’s been a while big fella. Good work” says close friend, Mark, after Kane’s lack of argy bargy was brought up in conversation.

Kane responds nonchalantly.

“Haha yeah. Those days might be behind me”

However, with a few yahoos at the back of the bar currently being inappropriate and making the girl’s feel weird as they walk back from the bathroom… Kane gets that scary old glint in his eye.

“Wait up.” he says.

“We might be on here”.



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