A recent report by the nation’s chicks has found that the music made by 1990s Australian rock band INXS sounds way better when blaring from inside a Winfield-scented Valiant, owned by a bad boy from down the road.

Dubbed ‘The Marrickville Mercedes’ – the Chrysler Valiant has for several decades been a popular vehicle for young bucks in light industrial suburbs.

While many argue that both this type of car and brand of Australian rock may have dated, it still works for with the remaining generation X bachelors, who blame both for the fact that they haven’t settled down.

However, as was the case out the front of many bottle shops across the country in the 80s and 90s, any disrespect shown towards this particular make of car, or the chicks inside it – can usually result in a punch in the head. Meaning Australian men are not as hot for this type of set up as their female counterparts.

The groundbreaking findings show that while Hutcho still gets a run on triple M, and still hits the spot, the music definitely sounds better when you’ve snuck out to go for a few hot laps with a handsome Greek neighbour that your parents don’t like.

“It just sounds better” said a nostalgic 40-something survey respondent named Ally Brandy.

“It reminds me of my first boyfriend Theo, before he went to jail for drag-racing”




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