For one pensioner, the reality of the nation’s drug epidemic has really hit home this week.

Marjorie Andrews (84) has been aware of the unfolding crisis on the streets for some time, but was confronted in her own personal life recently, after seeing a young man with facial tattoos.

“I knew it was bad, from all the stuff I have heard on the radio and seen on the nightly news, but it was ghastly to see it in the flesh,” she told our reporters from her armchair in the Ponds.

“What kind of drugs would make a human do that to themselves? I made myself push out 7 children in my 20’s under the influence of god, but face tattoos, my word that is something else.”

Andrews’ grandson Jason, told us he popped in to see his grandmother yesterday evening, to say hello and check if she needed anything from the shops, as he normally does once a week or so, and was asked a pretty straight down the line question off the bat.

“Yeah, so I walk in, and do the ‘How are you going Nan, lovely day outside isn’t it’ usual thing,” he explained.

“Immediately after the formalities, she just serves up the question, “You aren’t on the drugs are you Jason?””

Jason said after a quick ‘um’ and ‘ah’ he assured his grandmother that he was not ‘on the drugs.’

“Yeah it’s a little white lie I guess, but obviously I’m not into the life-destroying narcotics she has in mind, but that would be too hard to explain.”



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