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The shampoo bottle looked him in the eye lied to his face.

This morning, a Betoota Heights man described his hair as ‘malleable and rugged’ – those aren’t the words he’d choose now.

Sam Chen, a popular local heritage architect, says he’s ruined his look by washing his hair has it’s now floppy and whispy.

“A live music venue in Sydney has more volume in it than my hair does now,” he said.

“And there’s more life in Stephen Hawking now than my hair. The label said it makes thin, straight hair ‘bouncy and manageable’ – which I’ve now determined to be a lie,”

“Christ, I look ridiculous. What am I going to do?”

The 28-year-old rang a close friend who knows more about hair than he does.

That friend was was Jenny Grose.

With his lavender-scented locks dancing softly on the hot desert wind blowing off the Simpson this afternoon, the smooth-haired Gemini poured his heart out to Jenny – who couldn’t offer him much in terms of a solution.

“Try keeping your hands in your pockets until they’re nice a sweaty then run them through your hair,” she said.

“Or maybe go for a fews sprints up a sand dune? I reckon sweat is the key.”

That’s not the answer Sam says he was looking for.

The search for answers is slated to continue long into the afternoon.

More to come.


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