A volcano of insatiable lust is about to erupt in a Betoota Heights home this evening as a local bloke treats his wife to his idea of a hot summer romance.

Parked up on his 9-seater faux-leather couch wearing nothing but wet boardies, Ned Lawson (28) is looking pretty as a picture as he soaks up summer.

Having just finished off his lawns, Ned had enjoyed a dip in his above ground pool, before switching off all the lights, and setting up some mood lighting by way of images of the Hobart Hurricanes blaring from his 85” QLED TV. 

Now with a half-melted Zooper Dooper resting on his chest, stinky feet wafting fumes around the living room, Ned’s wife Katelyn told The Advocate she was just overwhelmed with lust to jump him there and then.

“Who needs a Christmas rom-rom with Jude Law when I get to come home to this?” said Katelyn, as she dropped six heavy bags of groceries onto the kitchen laminate.

“I’ve been out shopping, battling the supermarket chaos and I come home to this, it just makes me want to rip those soggy boardshorts off him and do the horizontal hokey-pokey.”

“It’s just the way he slurps on a Zooper Dooper and lets another one rest on his balls to cool them down, my husband is just so dreamy!”


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