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The largely forgotten middle child of Tom and Joanna Florence tried and failed to send close to 50 people plummeting to their deaths this morning as he tried to use his telekinetic powers to snap the cable holding up the Diamantina Scenic Gondola.

Squinting at the cable and letting his imagination take over, young Freddie Florence did his best to make sure those people didn’t make it back to terra firma after their joyride.

Tom noticed his son squinting and straining at the gondola and asked him what he was going.

“I’m trying to make the cable snap, Daddy,” he said.

“So it falls.”

The father of three spoke to The Advocate about the exchange.

“You know, bit odd but he’s at that age,” Tom told our reporters.

“So, you know, I asked him why he wanted to make the cable car fall into the valley below and he just shrugged,”

“He said, ‘I think it would be cool’ and he didn’t seem to care that there were people on board, either. I told him that people might get hurt if that happened and he just started laughing,”

“I think I need to spend a bit more time with him. Probably take his slug gun away, too.”

More to come.


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