Proof that a good deal of us are cut from the same cloth, some conservative Brits are absolutely done with the PC nonsense of having all their towns named in accordance with the traditional owners.

Roy Chapworth is the distant uncle and Facebook friend of Betoota culture writer Louis Burke who resides in Betoota’s UK sister town of Sister Town (pronounced Sisterton) and is frankly done with this appreciation of his land’s native people.

“20 minutes away is Gray Hill, named after King Lord Gray who is said to have invented the first crumpet that became Gray Hill,” stated Chapworth with his hat slightly askew in more than one sense.

“The thing is though Gray Hill is green and always has been.

What a load of old tosh that is and it’s just to please the Grays who are still alive today, maintaining and nurturing the falsely named Gray Hill.”

So strong is Chapworth’s rather confusing distaste for British places having their original names that he even opposes the names given by his ancestors such as the nearby Chaps Forest.

“There hasn’t even been a Chap spotted in the forest for nie on 20 and one quarter years. Oh yes, the last chaps died out long ago.”

Our reporting team considered asking Chapworth what on Earth he meant before deciding it was best if we left the old fella with a cup of tea and Bargain Hunt turned up high.



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