In a shock turn of events an Aussie couple has returned home from a European holiday overjoyed with their decision to get married.

According to friends of the couple, they found out via an invite-a-collaborator post on Instagram and the several hundred ring pics in their stories in the days that have followed.

However, some real fans claimed they knew about the proposal before the mainstream after cheekily spotting a few ‘covert’ ring shots in the stories leading up to the big day.

“Oh yeah, how did that get there?” asked lucky woman Bella Lee, who claims to have had ‘no idea’ the ring she has not taken her eyes off in 107 hours was visible in her published media.

“Heehee, do you think anyone noticed?”

Although he orchestrated the hiding of a ring, which forced him to pack his own suitcase, proposer Jimmy Castanella states he actually had no clue his fiance had dropped teaser content of their engagement. 

According to Lee, she had been planning her media strategy back in Betoota, when she first noticed a ring box in her now fiance’s suitcase.

“Was hardly announcing it to the world, just on a ‘close friends’ story, which is pretty much everyone who has never employed me.”


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