In breaking news, two strangers have been spotted strolling at 4km/h this evening as they tip-toe around some first date topics of conversation.

Walking awkwardly slowly along the Betoota Beach promenade at 6:32pm, local paparazzi spotted micro-influencer Olivia Saunders walking next to Liam Harrison-Penfolds, the new sports physio that’s just arrived in town.

Splitting the streams of dog walkers and joggers training for the Betoota half-marathon in Feb, it’s believed the pair must be on a first Hinge date given the slow pace and awkward body language. 

Speaking to local gossip queen Kaylee Edwards (25) who was also out doing the Betoota beach to bridge walk, scenes of the hot doc and Saunders out on a date are sure to cause a stir amongst some group chats.

“I saw them meet outside Whisk & Wattle cafe, watching them fumble through some chat was really cringe,” Kaylee told our reporter.

Given that Liam had sidestepped shorts and had instead opted for a crisp pair of jeans, Kaylee said it most definitely had to be a first date.

“It has to be a date,” Kaylee confirmed to our reporter via WhatsApp.

“Also Olivia had definitely put some effort into her hair.” 

With most bars in town now charging $26 plus for an on-tap espresso martini, it’s believed the walk n’ talk date is growing in popularity throughout Betoota’s singles scene.

“The walk is a bold choice for a first meet up, it feels very Pride and Prejudice. Fancy going for a wander near a pond with some ducks?” laughed Kaylee.

“All the blokes I date usually offer up the old Friday night drinks at Fire Engines or Warnies Bar, but then again I only swipe right on finance bros with no personality and lots of money.”


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