A digital disrupter has wowed his professional contacts this week by waffling into the smug void of LinkedIn and posting some paragraphs from Chat GPT.

As the marketing manager of one of Betoota’s worst reviewed data entry firms on GlassDoor, Adrian Foster (33) is no stranger to outsourcing work which he regularly ships off to a sweat house in the Philippines.

However, thanks to the wonders of artificial intelligence, Adrian decided that this year he’d support his local artificial intelligence operator sitting inside his computer, go full corporate robot mode and conjure up a Christmas message that was both algorithmically optimised, and devoid of any emotion.

The message, which was seen by The Advocate, included a series of festive emojis strategically placed for maximum engagement.

“🎄✨ Wishing you a Season of Success and Joy! ✨🎄

As we wrap up another incredible year, I want to express my deepest gratitude to each and every one of you in my LinkedIn community. Your support, engagement, and collaboration have truly made this year special.

Keen to develop some business leads in 2024, Adrian was sure to include a gracious nod everyone who had flicked his dopamine bean over the year and gave him the odd like for his self-indulgent industry musings.

“Let’s carry the spirit of collaboration and innovation into the New Year, embracing fresh opportunities and overcoming challenges together. May 2024 be filled with exciting opportunities, growth, and success. 🌟

Now that Chat GPT had helped him optimise his festive efficiencies, Adrian was able to go back to his regular day watching Sheffield Shield cricket and harassing a food delivery driver for crushing his papadums. 


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