A local man’s poor judgement of weight distribution has today been offloaded onto the Australian avocado farmers, as his wife questions why the fruit has come up bruised.

“Hun, these avos are no good” he says, while trying to hide the fact that they were placed on the bottom layer of a fortnightly grocery run.

“We should take these back. Maybe we should post something on the store’s Facebook. It’s not good enough, babe”

Rob Everton (32) isn’t often trusted with these kinds of duties, as he has once before proven his inability to appropriately load up a trolley according to the shopping list – with the heavy, denser items on the bottom and the lighter, more fragile items on the top.

Last month the car sales professional was seen placing a 4-kilogram tub of Neapolitan ice cream on top of his delicate off-the-shelf birthday cake.

Rob’s wife, Cassie says she’s aware of what happened here today.

“It’d be harder to catch him if these avocadoes didn’t have right angles pressed into their skin from the boxes”

“It’s no different to him banging them on the side of the refrigerator unit at Woolies to see if they are ripe. Or squeezing them to see if they are too firm?” He takes better care of his appearance than he does the avos, and he looks like a dropped pie most of the time.”

Cassie says her husband isn’t a full-blown idiot, but he does struggle when it comes to trolley Tetris.

“The iced-vovos are almost powdered” she says.

“No doubt he’s gone past the bottle shop on the way out of the supermarket again”

“Last month he dumped an entire 30 can block of tinnies onto a trolley full of produce and bread – I think he’s gone and done that again”


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