A 30-year-old graphic designer who hasn’t left his edgy inner-city suburb since his first year of University over eight years ago – can today take pride in the fact that he is very much in touch with the common man.

After tuning into to the brutal 45-minute WBO welterweight title fight between legendary Fillopino boxer Manny Pacqiauo and the Brisbane victor Jeff Horn, the inner-city leftie by the name of Lucius Adolphe says he’s feeling at one with the Australian working class.

“To be honest, I only watched because I heard that the Fillopino was a homophobic evangelical Christian politician” he said.

“And my hate for evangelical Christian politicians is stronger than my hate for organised sport”

While working for one of Betoota’s premier online digital agencies, Lucius proudly considers himself as one of only a small demographic of Australians who actually aren’t psychopaths and care about the environment – but is aware that sometimes he might be in a echo chamber.

“That’s why I watched that match yesterday” he said.

“When I saw the crowd of 50,000 at the Brisbane football stadium, I just felt like I was one of them”

Lucius says hopefully more of his fellow lefties follow his lead and tune into working class sporting events on pay-per-view on the one television at local craft beer venues.

“It’s a good way to understand these people” he says.

“Its the opiate of the masses. And It’s more entertaining than you’d think”

“A part from the fact that it really encourages this whole toxic masculinity issue that Australia has”

“And the disgusting way they exploit those women in the cheerleader outfits”



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