A recent report by Nielsen’s digital news rankings has found that 90% of Australian food writing is solely related around different cafes that have decided to use an impractical amount of Nutella hazelnut spread in their pastries.

Nutella is a brand of sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero that was first introduced in 1965. Previously, Australians had only experienced the product when eating Ferrero Roche’s at their grandparents’ house – or generously spread across bleached Wonderwhite at their friend’s divorced dad’s house.

Key Neilsen researcher, Dr Ben Hannant, says that while pulled pork rolls are still quite successful in bringing in the clicks – nothing does better than Nutella – especially now that Australians realise you can use it on other stuff, not just sandwiches.

“What we have found is that food blogs have stumbled across the golden formula to Australian content”

“There is no need to touch on anything other than Nutella oozing out of a piping hot donut or croissant”

“It’s very similar to the pizza cheese-pulls everyone was getting so worked up about ages ago”

A spokesperson from Australian Cafe and Coffee Retailers has also said there is a concern in the industry that no one is focusing on offering anything other than Nutella related products.

“A lot of cafe owners have found viral fame through UrbanList and Broadsheet by stuffing normal baked good items with Nutella. So now that’s what everyone is focusing on”

“One bloke decided to post a video of a chef hand-making pasta, that won’t be happening again, because he got fired”

“Essentially all they need is a slow-mode video of pastries being pulled apart and Nutella dripping out of them slowly”




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