8 February, 2016. 11:34

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

A large sinkhole has opened up outside a large house in the leafy suburb of Point Piper, in Sydney’s far eastern protectorate.

Local authorities have blamed the mild inconvenience on the hefty amount of rain that’s fallen on the harbour capital in recent days, however, a number of Point Piper pundits have explained to The Advocate that the sinkhole opened up for the prime minister to crawl into.

“It might as well be in Kirribilli,” said one Wunulla Road resident. “It’s that far from Malcolm’s house.”

The sinkhole appeared on Wentworth Place, which ferries traffic atop the hill in the ritzy, glamorous address.

“Us Wolseley and Wunulla people don’t speak to the hill people. If you ask us, if you don’t live on the water in Point Piper, you might as well go slum it with the Catholics and Jews in Vaucluse,” said another Wunulla Road resident.

“Back to that hole, though. It was a sign from God, but He put it outside the wrong house. Sometimes, we all need a hole to crawl into. This week, Malcolm needed that hole. But honestly, if he wants to go and cry in a hole, he visits Canberra quite often.”

The Advocate reached out to the Prime Minister’s Office for comment, but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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