Arriving at the pub at 8:45 was not a good move for Sydney man, Charlie McCarthy (29).

After a late client meeting, he rushed to meet his remaining unmarried mates at the local Bag ‘n’ Famish Hotel, only to learn that he had just missed the opening hours of the kitchen.

“I should have known better. Of course you can’t get a feed in Sydney after quarter past eight”

“The kebab stores have even been told to shut down at sunset”

With his mates now jovially enjoying ice cold schooners of Betoota Bitter with hearty chicken shnitzels swishing inside them, Charlie has no option but to keep moving forward on an empty stomach.

“I think I’ve got some ramen at home. But, the bottom line is, the missus thinks I’ll be with clients till midnight, so I’ve got to last until at least then”

With his stomach rumbling loud enough to tell him that he’s going to be much more hungover for choosing to not eat, Charlie is now eyeing off the complimentary lamingtons placed next to the coin machine in the air-conditioned smokie pokies.

“Oooh I do love a bit of coconut” he says, while taking a handful.

“They look fresh enough. They’ve been under this sneeze guard”

Charlie says if he needs anymore after this he might have a crack at the Monte Carlos or the Minties.

“A bit of dessert wouldn’t be too bad”

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