An out-of-control party being hosted by a 47-year-old South Australian by the name of Cory Bernardi, has drawn at least 500 wild members while his Liberal party leaders holidayed on the Gold Coast.

The story was among the most-read on the BBC’s news website last night.

Cory’s interview with Channel Nine’s A Current Affair, during which he comprehensively steam-rolled host Leila McKinnon (wife of Channel Nine chief David Gyngell), was uploaded to the YouTube website yesterday afternoon, further expanding his notoriety.

Within minutes of going online, McKinnon’s stern interviewing method had backfired, transforming Cory, who was interviewed shirtless with his pierced nipple on show, from naughty conservative to international anti-gay rights hero.

Cory’s neighbours and local Police would not have been amused, and nor would his mother and stepfather, who were on the Channel Seven show Today Tonight expressing their shame over his antics and their concern over a potential repercussions.

Pursed-lipped McKinnon, clearly frustrated when Cory refused her repeated requests to remove his huge sunglasses and offer an apology for his party, lost her temper, adopting a school principal tone to suggest the boy: “Go away and take a good long hard look at yourself.”

But before she could cut the link, the boy shot back: “I have, everyone has and they love it.”


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