Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has today asked Australia Post to reconsider the $5.6 million pay packet awarded to managing director Ahmed Fahour, who has one of those kind of names that riles up working class people who aren’t on that kind of money – and makes for some xenophobic comments in the Daily Telegraph Facebook page.

The multi-million dollar salaries of senior executives were revealed by a Senate committee on Tuesday, with the committee dismissing claims the move would result in “unwarranted media attention” and “brand damage” – which it already has done, hence the article you are currently reading.

Committee chairman Senator James Paterson said documents showed that including salary and bonuses, Mr Fahour received a total package of $5.6 million last financial year – over 10 times more than the $507,338 Mr Turnbull is paid.

However, Fahour has not yet responded to these criticisms of the ludicrous amount he is paid by a increasingly out-of-business Government-owned entity, Australia Post.

Australia Post has said he will respond in 3-5 working days, providing nothing happens to one of their trucks, in which case we won’t hear anything and will have to make a further six phone calls before we get told that we aren’t getting anything at all.

“Sorry. We can’t guarantee anything” said one postal employee



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