The wedding between West Betoota couple Kate and Liam Livingstone was one to remember.

Just about everyone they wanted there could make it, and even a few of the obligation invites had to pull out.

The photographer was cool and unassuming and didn’t really talk to anyone, the florists were done before the guests arrived, the band somehow knew the lyrics to all those old Slim Dusty songs that their uncles kept requesting.

While all these cute administrative memories will stay with them forever, the actual ceremony and reception will only be remembered for the eternally euphoric highlight reel it was.

Thanks to a struggling local videographer who has had to settle on doing over-the-top wedding videos and making them look like Corona ads – they’ll be able to revisit the best parts for the rest of their lives.

And now, everyone who wasn’t invited, or doesn’t really know who they are, can see it too. After Kate tagged every single guest who has Facebook in the video upload she just dumped on the newsfeed.

Posted from her own account, with the understated caption “The day I married my best friend” – Kate is looking good to charge past the 1k like market.

“I didn’t want to share this with Facebook initially” she said to The Advocate.

“But I just don’t know how else to say thank you for everyone sharing our massive day with us”

With the first dance in full slow motion mode, it in itself manages to last four entire Empire Of The Sun songs. Four of the eight that make up the video soundtrack.

The rest of the video includes brief cuts of the groomsmen having a nervous laugh, and twenty minutes of the bride and her dad having a tearful but playful play fight during her make up application alongside her seven bridesmaids.

The video finishes with a breathtaking send off as the groom’s very drunk best man brings a horse in to lead the newlyweds out to a car waiting out front.


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