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Channel 10, in an effort to remain on top of the pile of networks who specialise in shows about people not really doing anything, has announced that they will soon begin airing a show about people in their homes watching episodes of the hit TV series Gogglebox, whilst ripping cones.

A spokesperson for the network explained: “We’re looking into the future with more shows like this absolute doozy” she said. “the savings on production costs like set design, scripts, costume…basically everything, has really helped stretch out our own careers as media tycoons a bit longer”.

The show will feature people from all walks of life, across a wide area of Hervey Bay, whom possess a moderate-to-severe weed habit.

Gogglebongs (working-title) aims to restore the networks credibility as a broadcaster of high quality programming, as the shows subjects smash billies on the couch and draw graffiti on the coffee table, whilst Gogglebox plays on the TV and Dr Dre’s 2001 plays on the hi-fi system.

“We don’t anticipate them making too many comments on the show” the spokesperson said. “In fact, we don’t anticipate them saying much at all. It will be lots of staring really, with a few trips back and forth from the kitchen, a fair bit of Milo and the occasional moment of mild panic”.


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