A local betoota man has shocked customers of an inner city café by ordering an Extra Large Mocha.

Upon entering local Betoota hole in the wall fusion café staffed by white guys with sleeve tattoos selling small takeaway cups of pulled beef pho for $17 to the towns more bourgeois population, local diabetes-flirter Davey King approached the girl at the counter:

“Just an Extra Large Mocha please”

“I’m sorry what?”

“Extra Large mocha please love, 3 and a half sugars thanks, extra choccy if you can”

After checking with her manager on how to make a Mocha, a popular suburban Brisbane wintertime beverage, employee Paella Tuppence asked the big man baby how he’d like to pay.

“just on card, spendings darl ha ha, swipe thanks, with PIN”

Following an initial unsuccessful PIN attempt, the local dickhead then proceeded to order a piece of banana bread,, and does this in a separate transaction paid by with silver coins from the coin pocket of his thick velcro “Byrning Spears” brand wallet.  This disturbance aggravated the self-important customers in line behind him who were in a rush to get to their shithouse low-medium tier corporate jobs for some reason.

The dumb moron then put his headphones in to ensure that when his name was called, he wouldn’t hear it; the ensuing confusion again to the dismay of other customers, who, although waiting on more cosmopolitan orders, were ultimately just as cowardly and pathetic as the uncouth Mr King, and will still fall asleep tonight unfulfilled and full of sadness irrespective of the quality and price of their boutique morning beverages.

The big stupid adult toddler was later reported to have spilled a small amount of the chocolate children’s drink on his off-white unironed politix shirt that he clearly jams into the wash with everything else he owns once a fortnight – and whilst the childish stain on his ill-fitting shirt drew ire from his co-workers, he pretty much is just as employable as they are, earns a similar wage, and is fundamentally as unimportant as they all think they aren’t.


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