Rising star in the Betoota comedy scene, Ryan Bosovic (25,) was shocked by claims made by his father Nikola Bosovic (52) who earlier today took full credit for his son’s sense of humour.

“I taught him everything he knows!”

While Nikola has always dug into his son for taking minimum wage jobs while pursuing a career in the arts, his tune has changed lately as his son’s YouTube series continues to grow in popularity.

The fifty-five-year-old greengrocer has taken a break from calling his son ‘soft’ and ‘girly’ to shower him with praise that for the most part is self-flattering.

“He’s a very funny boy! Just like his old man don’t you reckon? Haha!”

Ryan Bosovic states that he is happy with his father’s newfound support but thinks his dad is giving himself too much credit for his sense of humour.

“He wasn’t really a funny guy growing up. He was grumpy for years because he thought his fruit shop was going to close down. For about two years we didn’t really speak to each other.”

The up-and-coming comedian has taken this a step further and claimed that it was his mum, Ruby Bosovic, who had the most comedic presence during his childhood.

“Mum’s jokes were usually a lot funnier. Not just because everyone could laugh at them but because they were actually jokes.”

In response to his son’s claims that he is not his greatest influence, Nikola insists that’s just some more of his son’s inherited humour.

“Haha, he’s very quick, isn’t he! Quick like his dad haha! Me!”

Regarding claims of bullying, Nikola states he was always training his son to be funny he just had to take a hard line with him sometimes.

“By making fun, I taught him to be funny and now he’s the maybe even the funniest in the family! And I taught him!”

“Tell you what, he’s still useless in the garden though, I couldn’t teach him anything about that! Haha!”


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