A group of South Betoota Polytechnic students have today formally completed a rite of passage on their new French Quarter sharehouse.

The uni students who moved to our cosmopolitan regional centre a few weeks ago did so this afternoon by christening their new abode.

Standing around the bathroom sink in a semi-circular line, the 4 young ladies all pulled out ten single hairs from their heads to decoratively layout across the ceramic sink.

After a few giggles and words during a moving ceremony, one of the girls Bella completed the ritual.

“And the house is christened,” said Bella, laying down the last of the hairs, and treating the sink to a sign of things to come over the next few years.

“Now, time to cram 52 different types of body lotion, wash, cream, shampoo and conditioner into the shower,” she laughed.

The group agreed then decided to meet back in the living room on the old couch which sat in one of the girl’s parents’ garages for the last 2 years to get things really pumping with a few cocktails involving random cheap alcohol brands.

“Let’s go girls.”


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