As Melbourne continues to smother the spread of coronavirus with nearly two months in hard lock down, the patience is beginning to wear off in virtual workplaces.

As all those who can continue to work from home, the idea of daily meetings is a growing frustration for both those stuck at home with kids.

However, the Victorian Government’s home school directive are also becoming quite an issue for those who don’t have a house full of cabin feverish children.

Especially the millennialls, who can’t really imagine this kind of multitasking would really be that tough.

Local Brunswick marketing account manager, Estella (25) doesn’t want to sound like a bitch, but like it’s pretty distracting when she’s trying to break down a new campaign over a zoom call and she can hear kids crying, or like whatever they are doing, in the background.

The kids she is talking about belong to her colleague, Samantha (39, Ringwood), a strung-out copywriter, who just wants to get the meeting done with so she can begin teaching timetables, in between bouncing back pointless emails to Estella, after her pointless draft changes.

“Haha… What’s going on at your place?” asks Estella, after a slight murmur of child play comes down the line in their 7 person zoom call.

“Sammie, do you want to go tend to that and I can summarise in an email or call you back when your kids are napping or whatever”

Samantha, who is already on the brink, takes the passive aggression as a body blow, and dismisses Estella’s patronising compromise.

“Nah, they won’t nap haha” says Samantha, with a thinly-veiled sigh.

“They are 6 and 7 haha”

“Don’t worry. Their dad is just getting them changed they’ll be running around outside in the garden in a minute”

Estella, not content with this kind of dismissiveness, goes on to millexplain how it is actually possible to mute the microphone on her computer so no one else has to hear the slightly audible sounds of a distressed family in their 7th week of a second pandemic lockdown.

“You know you can turn off the mic haha” says Estella.

“Just down the bottom of your screen”

“I swear I say this like every morning haha”



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