CSIRO has today launched an official investigation into who decided wood chips were an appropriate surface for playgrounds, it’s reported.

Leading CSIRO reporter Rufus O’Neil reveals he’d been alerted to the problem when he visited a local park with his daughter, Macey [5], who’d allegedly ‘stacked it’ after attempting to make her way across a set of monkey bars. It’s alleged that although the fall itself wasn’t bad, the aftermath of removing shredded bark from her hands and elbows had been quite the sobering experience for the young father.

“I don’t know if anyone has actually had a good think about it before?”, says Rufus, shaking his head in disbelief.

“I’ve been fishing splinters out for weeks.”

Adding that ‘that rubber flooring is just as bad”, Rufus theorises that surely there must be better flooring solutions to playgrounds that don’t involve pain.

“What sadist thought wood chips would be the best way to cushion a fall?”

“Probably the same person who thought metal slides in Queensland parks were a good idea.”

 More to come.


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