After countless attempts at creating a rugby league legacy in the coastal South-East Corner, and one so-so effort with the in the AFL, Queensland’s Gold Coast are now deciding which national sporting code they’ll throw another team that no one supports at next.

“Hmmmm… Big Bash could be a very expensive exercisize” says Lyn Enshirt, a local councillor.

“I like the sound of that, especially if people on council have friends that are qualified to build cricket stadiums”

However, there is also the weird as hell proposal to put forward a Chinese basketball team in the NBL, out of the Gold Coast.

In May 2016, the NBL began drawing up plans for a team in China – which would be based part-time on the Gold Coast – to be up and running within two years, with pending approval from the Chinese Basketball Association and FIBA.

“That’s weird as hell, but I don’t mind” says Deputy Mayor, Wyatt Shewbricade

“Could be some sweet dollars in it”

As the community of mostly transient young cashed up families and retirees prepare themselves for the 2018 Commonwealth Games next year, only time will tell if the Glitter strip can handle anymore sport that no one cares about and inevitably has to be financially supported by the codes that were kind enough to let them in to begin with.

“We love sport” says Mayor Tate.

“Now all we need is a bit of infrastructure, public transport, etc”


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