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Following on from the recent nation-building success of the Same Sex Marriage plebiscite, Malcom Turnbull has held a press conference today expressing his excitement at claiming another victory for Australia with the upcoming triple j Hottest 100 poll.

With voting opening on December 12, Prime Minister Turnbull said he was confident that no matter the outcome, he’s just excited to afford the Australian public the opportunity to have their say.

“After the great big hug that was the SSM plebiscite, courtesy of my government, I’m looking forward to the nation coming together once again to make some big decisions on my behalf,” he said triumphantly on the steps of Parliament House this afternoon.

“And no matter the result, I can rest easy in knowing that I did all that once again it was me, Australia’s humble prime minister, who helped foster democracy in action.”

When quizzed on who he thought the eventual winner would be, Prime Minister Turnbull was reluctant to way in too heavily.

“I think Democracy, and the Australian people, will be the true winners on the day,” he said, before adding, “Although I would love to see a gay couple band win it, so I can really tap into that 18-24 year old market.”

Bob Katter meanwhile jumped into the conversation without being prompted, adding his only real concern was a potential victory for Australian pop star Amy Shark.

“I mean, y’know people are entitled to their musical proclivities. Let there be a thousand blossoms bloom, as far as I’m concerned.

“But ain’t spending any time on it unless Amy Shark wins, because the last thing we need is a different apex predator taking attention away from the fact that every three months, a person is torn to piece by a crocodile in North Queensland.”


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