Labor Senator Sam Dastyari has blamed a hacker “making mischief” for an out-of-character like on his Twitter profile discovered early this morning.

As celebrations over Friday’s legalisation of gay marriage wore on into a classic Sydney-style Sunday session, at about 2am, the Inner West government official’s Twitter profile “liked” a tweet containing Chinese propaganda.

The tweet, which contained the words “The South China Sea Is Rightfully Ours”

Twitter users noticed the rogue like, which appeared to be out of keeping with Mr Dastyari’s usual social media activity which usually sees him use the function to talk about Halal Snack Pack’s and other vaguely trending millennial social media obsessions.

While followers had fun with the tweet for a few hours, the Senator moved to shut down the controversy at 5am when he said he woke to the news.

The timing of this hacker breaking onto his Twitter account to like a singular tweet comes at bad timing for the Senator, as headlines today reveal questions over his reputation are beginning to arise in his own party, after more and more reports of questionable dealings between Dasher and the Chinese.



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