A father of 2 millennials who have a new found appreciation of vinyl records has today hi-jacked the youngest ones record player, spinning a very dusty Eagles record in a bold declaration of what real music is.

Joe Henley, 51, who has never paid any real attention to his daughters interests, was in a chirpy mood this weekend, the result of a long weekend, his beloved Sharkies getting up over the Storm, and watching Cameron Smith jog off to the bin on Friday night.

In an effort to be a good Dad and hang with his kids, Joe wandered downstairs to find Lucy, the oldest, playing Michaela some of her favourite vinyl records.

“Aaah spinning the old licorice pizza ay?” said Joe, snatching an album cover out of Lucy’s hands. “What’s this? It’s awful. Joy Division? Never heard of ‘em. I’ll be right back”. After rummaging through the garage, Joe returned twenty minutes later, sneezing and carrying a cardboard box marked ‘Joe’s Records’.

“Alright outta the way” he said as he yanked the needle off and frisbee’d the Joy Division record at Lucy. After blowing the dust off a copy of The Eagles ‘Hotel California’ he placed it down and after a few fumbled attempts, dropped the needle on the title track.

As the opening chords rang out, Joe closed his eyes and clicked his fingers, declaring “now THIS is real music!” before spinning around and doing a weird little dance thing. He simulated the drums coming in and began “’On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair, deow deow da da deow deow’ ….aaah makes me wanna call your uncle Bucko, get on a bit of the old wacky tobacky”.

As the girls sighed began looking at their phones, Joe went on. “Listen girls, listen. Those vocals. Those guitars. So much talent. So much class. Wow”.

Apparently Joe had a whole lot more real music in his box, including Cat Stevens, Phil Collins, Steve Miller Band and some solo records from several members of the Eagles. Though the one song that the girls agreed was actually pretty cool was Toto’s ‘Africa’.


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