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As the curse of daylight savings comes to an end for another summer, a Tweed man breathed a sigh of relief as he took off his second watch which he uses to keep track of the time south of the border.

“It’s just part and parcel with living close to the border,” said Morris Goblin, a local small business owner.

“Many of my clients live south of the border so when discussing delivery times and whatnot with them, I need to be reminded of what the time is down there – hence the second watch, you see,”

“In a perfect world, a man wouldn’t need to keep a spare Timex in his glovebox but it’s the reality in which we live. Here’s a bit of trivia for you. If you fly to Coolangatta airport, odds are the wheels will touch down in New South Wales but you’ll pull up to the terminal in Queensland. Crazy, huh?”

Although people may laugh at him, especially the perennially whinging New South Welshanese, the 34-year-old e-commerce guru said his commitment to being punctual and professional often trumps his desire to be fashionable.

Another, more local, opponent of daylight savings spoke briefly to The Advocate today on this public holiday.

Our reporter discussed the issue with The Hon. Bob Katter, who explained that the very nature by which daylight savings exists is an affront to the Australian way of life.

“I don’t care much for daylight savings,” he said.

“What I do care about is jobs going overseas and foreign ownership of our valuable farming and mining land. I’ll tell you what, people would care a lot more about daylight savings if it was foreign owned, I’ll tell you that for sure.”

More to come.



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