An unbridled and completely individual local mum has today sent shockwaves through her community, after rolling out of Deb’s Hair & Beauty Salon with a completely unorthodox and aesthetically rebellious hairstyle.

Barbara Nice, a mid-40s high school administrator, has today proven that she doesn’t need to divorce Brad to get her groove back.

“Shitttt” murmured one local tradesman who was fixing the gutters of the neighbouring hot bread store when Barb glamorously hit the keyless unlock button for the Hyundai i30 out front of the hairdresser.

“That haircut is just so inconsistent in length, but it works. Maybe it’s her that makes it work”

Known as the Asymmetrical Townie Two-Tone, the haircut is quite often associated with sideline violence at junior rugby league matches, as well as closeted suburban Fleetwood Mac-enthusiasts.

Barbara says that while she doesn’t expect people to warm to the haircut straight away, she’s also not going to change who she is for all these squares.

“I’ve always mixed it up with the hair” she says.

“You like it?”

Brad, her husband of twenty years, says he reckons she looks like a deadset stunner, and proceeded to open-mouth pash her in front of their disgusted pre-teen children.



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