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Andrew Hastie, the Chair of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security has had to take an angry phone call from Sam Dastyari this morning after he leveled allegations of bribery and foreign influence at a Chinese National yesterday.

Andrew Hastie used parliamentary privilege to claim businessman Chau Chak Wing funded the bribery of former president of the UN General Assembly John Ashe, and allege that the Chinese Communist Party is seeking to exert its power in Australia.

The ex-Special Air Service soldier reportedly didn’t tell his colleagues that he intended to accuse Dr Chau Chak Wing, (a Chinese National with links to the Chinese Communist Party who has donated over 4 million dollars worth of money to both major parties since 2004) of bribery.

That bold assertion has landed him in hot water with ex-Labor power broker and Chinese Government mouthpiece Sam Dastyari.

Dasher, the former senator from NSW, phone Hastie this morning to light him up.

“Nǐ hǎo Andrew, now you fucking listen to me alright. If you wanna keep chatting shit you won’t be able to go swimming at the beach for the rest of your life alright. Cause if you do you are gonna be the next fucking Harold Holt okay champion,” Dastyari reportedly said to Hastie over the phone this morning.

Hastie responded by telling Dastyari to back up on those threats because he has a very particular set of skills. Skills he acquired over a very long career. Skills that make him a nightmare for people like Sam.

Dastyari then said before hanging up; “Now you might well have had some experience in the Special Services Andrew, but I would like to see you go all Jack Ryan on a midget Chinese Sub picking you off from your nice little family holiday okay. Shieh-Shieh bye now okay.”

The Advocate contacted both leaders for comment on the matter. 

Turnbull told us that he was very disappointed with Hastie.

“Very stupid. We have a responsibility to our political donors to ensure that we act in their best interests. I will also be having a stern word to Andrew.”

Bill Shorten refused to give an official statement but told us his position was whatever Malcolm’s was, but the opposite.


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