If local woman Bec Shaw had known growing a loyal fan base was this easy, she would have jumped on the Bumble train a lot earlier.

Bec [24] had reportedly redownloaded the app for the seventeenth time two weeks ago when she’d matched with a promising suitor by the name of Dylan.

Deciding that this time she’d actually speak to a bloke, instead of using the app as a self-esteem booster for whenever she’d had a blow to her ego, an excited Bec began the arduous task of attempting small talk with someone who was most likely on there to get a quick root.

Bec admits now that she’d been a little bit naive about the whole online dating game, and that in hindsight, using Bumble as her first foray into dating apps was akin to slam shooting Tequila the first time she drank booze.

“I thought it was going pretty well. He was quick to reply, we had some good banter. Then he suggests we take it off the app,” says Bec to our reporter.

“I gave him my Instagram details, we chatted a bit on there, you know, mostly trivial shit. Then I ask him what’s the first thing he’d do when everything opens up again and he leaves me ON READ!”

Bec was surprised to discover that once she’d made it abundantly clear a quick dine and dash wasn’t on the table, a once chatty Dylan had swiftly exited the conversation in favour of wooing someone a little bit more flexible.

But that hasn’t stopped him from avidly watching everything Bec adds to her Instagram stories, or chucking her latest uploads the occasional like every now and then.

“What does that mean? I literally uploaded something THREE SECONDS ago and he’s looked at it.”

“Is he still interested? He must be.”

“Fuck it, I’m posting the bikini shot. Come at me bro HA.”

More to come.


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