As the year 11 students of Betoota High filed into class this morning, there was a certain topic of conversation on everyone’s lips.

That topic being the romantic encounter between this particular year’s power couple. Who, after taking it slow for a few months, have finally done it over the weekend.

Students at the local high school have informed us that aside from that fact that Bethany Walsh and Stephen Perfetora did the horizontal jig in a locked room at a house party (for some reason), there hasn’t been anything much talked about this morning.

“Yeah, there is a serious buzz around the place” student Andrew Palczuk told our reporters.

“There hasn’t been this much hype around an event since the Perfetora and the other alpha in our year talked up going head to head at lunchtime a few weeks ago,” Palczuk said.

Jill Matthews (32), the teacher of the morning history class spoke to The Advocate a short time ago and explained that it was now glaringly obvious what had taken place over the weekend.

“It was all the talk in the staffroom. Stephen and Beth finally did it. We initially thought that it might have happened after their semi-formal afterparty but apparently everyone got caught up in dramas surrounding gatecrachers” she said.

“Perfetora is rocking back on his chair and Walsh is sitting in the centre of a gaggle of lesser socialite girlfriends with a look of wisdom and worldiness”

“It’s good to see these young people can still get excited about these sorts of the things though.”

At time of press, one of Stephen’s mate’s Eddy was heard explaining that he’s already had sex before but it was with a chick at the coast and she doesn’t have Facebook.



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