A reunion of an all-female high school social circle has today left several unfamiliar blokes to bond in the deep end, without any shoehorning from their girlfriends.

The boyfriends, who have never met before, are briefly introduced to one another and given fuck all else to work with – As Kelly, Kylie, Sarah, Bella and Bel B ferociously catch up over wines.

With Bel B recently single, that makes up four complete strangers that have been dragged along to a drinks in the park type set up, and as they all know, today is not about them.

Brett, Ivan, Tony and Sticks begin their long afternoon standing in a circle near the barbecue and make exhausting small talk.

Eventually, Tony goes and plays with the dog that Bel brought – pulling the pin on an excruciating bonding session with a group of blokes he’ll likely never meet again until one of the couples gets married.

With Brett, Ivan and Sticks left to discuss anything other than politics or the real reason behind Easter, a conversation about cars comes up.

“Now we are getting somewhere” they all individually think to themselves.

The conversation about cars eventually turns into a conversation about fast cars, which inevitably (and thankfully) turns into a passionate and flowing conversation about the Fast & The Furious movie franchise.

Brett, who has essentially been steering this ship through the icy cold waters they started in, has high hopes here.

The conversation moves from Vin Diesel to Dwayne Johnson – and then from Dwayne Johnson to The Rock. They’ve done it.

Like most post-Vietnam War suburban Australian men, all three of these boyfriends have, at some point in their lives, been emotionally invested in the gloriously complex and action-packed storylines of world wrestling – and now they are reminiscing.


Three hours later and the girlfriends are ready to go while the lads are still whipping out grainy youtube clips on their smartphones. Tony, who actively avoided this male bonding session has been waiting in the car for 45 minutes.

It’s a hollow friendship based on a completely ridiculous childhood past time, but the important thing is, now all three of these blokes are friends on Facebook.


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