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Reports are circulating a recent session of birthday drinks was ruined when the birthday girl herself, Rebecca Stewart (19) suggested they video call her friend Samantha Rich (19), currently travelling in Europe, so that she could enjoy the birthday festivities as well.

“It’s her birthday as well! I’m gonna call her, I’m gonna call her now!”

While witnesses assert this suggestion was met with lukewarm reactions, the half-pissed Stewart made the call regardless.

Reports state partygoers had mere seconds to get camera ready as Stewart initiated the video chat in while her mates watched on behind her.

Partygoers have confirmed the answering of the call was met with an audible scream from both women, loud enough to warrant a ‘can you keep it down please’ from a concerned parent with not too much else to do.

“AAAAAAAAH! We miss you, you stupid minga how have you been?”

Following on, it is believed partygoers were treated to a five-minute long conversation filled with inside jokes and several uses of the word ‘babe’ while playing the role of background characters in a drunken conversation that felt oddly sobering.

“I thought that was bad enough and then she started passing the laptop around so we could all say something.”

It is reported that even though only half of the group knew Stewart’s friend, each of them was required to give a personalised message as the phone was passed around the group.

“Most of them just said ‘Happy birthday’ and passed it on. I was the last one to get it and I had to talk to her and I barely know her!”

“Rebecca had gone to spew or piss at that point so I had to hold the damn conversation while we waited for her to come back. It’s not fair – I don’t even like Samantha, I’m glad she’s in Germany. Stay there!”


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