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Describing himself as an avid supporting of association football in general, Maurice Stayne explained slowly that he always tries to find the time to sit down and watch his favourite teams play each week.

Like most people who enjoy the sport, the 28-year-old has two favourite teams.

Liverpool in the English Premier League and in the A-League he barracks for the Newcastle Spoons.

Deep down, he knows the standard of football is better in England but he chooses not to acknowledge it.

“They’re both fun to watch,” he said with some difficulty.

“At the moment, the soccer is Australia’s premier sport. It’s on Fox Sports 1. Pole position,”

“And it’s been explosive thus far. The A-League I mean. Adelaide last night looked like world beaters. I’m surprised more people aren’t watching it to be honest.”

But Maurice wasn’t being honest with himself.

His friends told our reporters that the smile and anticipation the eager-to-please Virgo has going into each A-League game is slowly washed away but the obvious shortcomings of the Australian game.

A cross pass that sails over the head of the receiver by a country mile.

Open goals going begging.

The rare penalty shoot-out that fails to produce any goals.

Maurice just sighs and looks down, knowing that despite all the effort he puts into trying to enjoy A-League soccer, the tide of truth inevitably washed over his soul.

More to come.


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