Brisbane: A quick trip with the old man this morning has quickly become anything but, as Terry Devere reached under his seat and pulled out a 1997 edition of his trusty Gregory’s Street Directory.

Arriving home at 6:45pm, Uma Bridges-Devere explained how the trip with her father to go and check out some carpet samples became an exercise in mindfulness, when he insisted that he would get them there the best way.

“We planned to leave at 9:15” she sighed, visibly exhausted. “So we’re in the car, buckled up and then he goes for the Gregory’s. We pulled out of the driveway at 10”.

Attempts to convince him to let her navigate with her phone became heated, as Terry, who moved to Brisbane in the late seventies, explained that his plastic covered street bible is far more reliable than “that bloody girl in ya phone”.

“She’s got no idea. She’ll bloody send ya off a cliff!” said Terry. “Be buggered if I let her tell me where to go. We’ll end up in bloody Cairns! I’m telling ya!”

As Terry pulled over to the curb for the 7th time to check his book that was published prior to the construction of the Airport Tunnel, the Legacy Way, the Go-Between Bridge, the Clem7, the Inner City Bypass and the first ever Smartphone, Uma simply began putting a line through everything she had planned to achieve that day.

“I was gonna get a haircut, do a shop, try a new recipe, maybe even get sneaky glass in with a girlfriend. Now I’m getting fucking Uber Eats and going to bed. I’m done”.

Meanwhile, Terry was last heard telling his cousin on the phone how lucky Uma was to not have to rely on that bloody technology. “We would’ve ended up in Cairns! She’s got no idea!”


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