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Prominent aid charity, the Red Star is today celebrating a once in a life time event. Upon checking their bank accounts this morning, Dayne Tipping, Red Star CFO, thought he was dreaming. The number staring back at him was one so large that he needed to google how to pronounce it.

Calling in his secretary for some reassurance, Dayne began to accept the fortunate reality that the Red Star has just received $12992000000, enough money to eliminate poverty in Tanzania.

Our reporters reached out to Dayne to find out more about this rare act of benevolence and to see who was behind it.

“I thought maybe the bank accidentally transferred it in there, you know how they do that? But it turns out the transfer was completely intentional – Prince Solomon Adebayo, I’ve never heard of him but he has truly changed the lives of millions today.”

Upon searching Prince Solomon Adebayo’s name, The Advocate can confirm that Prince Solomon is in fact a recently deceased Nigerian Prince, who had allegedly been trying to track down family members during his last months, with the intention of dividing his notable fortune between them.

Nick Sterling, head of Google’s anti spam department has put his hand up to share some of the blame for Prince Solomon not being able to contact his long lost relatives, he explains.

“We thought he was just another scam artist, so we flagged his email address and redirected all his emails into our customers spam folders. The only people he could get through to were the ones who send spam themselves”

More to come.


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