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“Yeah, so, bit of stuff going on hey…” drug dealer, Shae Watson, said sorrowfully to Jack Wiltshire while the two were catching up in Betoota Grove.

“What?” replied a surprised Jack.

“Yeah, family stuff man” revealed Shae.

“Oh… Umm that’s too bad bro. Hey, I’ve actually gotta get back to the boys so, ah, reckon I can get that bag and get out here?” Jack replied, desperately trying to get out of the awkward situation he’d found himself in.

The Advocate caught up with Jack shortly after he’d escaped his near personal interaction with his drug dealer to hear just how close he came to an unwanted emotional connection in what’s traditionally purely transactional.

“Oh man, it was so awkward”

“I mean I have a bit of a rapport with him but that’s only because he brings me bags whenever I need it”

“I can’t believe he told me about his mum”

“I just tried to shut that shit down as quickly as possible”

“Poor guy thought I was his friend.”

It’s believed that Shae has tried to start deep conversations with a number of his customers, leading to some of the customers to actually start worrying about their dealer.

Collectively they’re unsure whether they’re worried for his personal wellbeing or if it might mean they’ll need to find a new dealer.


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