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Betoota Riverland’s woman, Alex Dewany, only met her friend’s new love interest for a minute today, and while it wasn’t long enough to find out where she worked or what her name was, it was long enough for her to conclude she’d had a messy break-up that likely happened during her mid-twenties.

Speaking to The Advocate, Alex told our reporter that it was easy to figure it out, she just clocked a tacky tattoo on the girl’s foot and pieced together the puzzle from there.

“Well, to start with it said, ‘believe in yourself’ and was dated a few years ago”

“Then it also had tacky vines and other shit patterns around it that kind of made love hearts”

“You only get a tattoo like that if you’ve been dumped.”

“My gut says that she was in a long-term relationship with a guy, they started dating when they were young, she forgot who she was, he made her feel worthless and she just put up with it because she didn’t know any better”

“And when they broke up a veil was lifted, she got her old self back and vowed to never put anyone else’s feelings before her own” 

It’s believed that Alex’s friend, Tim, didn’t believe Alex’s analysis, saying that there was no way she could know all of that from a tattoo.

But, as Alex told our reporter, it was completely true. Tim asked his new love interest about her tattoo and she repeated Alex’s analysis almost verbatim – the only thing Alex missed out was the ex-boyfriend’s name which was Alfonso.


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