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Inner-city leftie, Jocelyn Woods, has been left speechless this afternoon after hearing what her colleague and her brother used to do for fun when they were children. Jocelyn’s colleague, Rachel, grew up on a farm outside Betoota and as she explained to Jocelyn, they had to make their own fun.

“Yeah well we never had Nintendos or Gameboys or anything like that”

“Mum and dad used to make us go outside if we said we were bored” said Rachel to an intrigued Jocelyn.

“So, what did you guys do for fun? I can’t imagine what I would have done if I didn’t get to play video games” asked Jocelyn, unaware that she didn’t want to know the answer to her seemingly innocent question.

“Umm, heaps of stuff. My brother and I used to ride motor bikes, [haha] sometimes he’d tell me to run over my sleeping cat, which I did [haha] that was always funny”

Not seeing Jocelyn’s shocked face or reading the situation at all, Rachel continued.

“Otherwise we’d get dad’s gun and go up to the dam and shoot turtles [haha]”

By this point Jocelyn was beyond disgusted. “What the hell? Why were you so cruel to animals?”

“Oh, what? Nah we weren’t. Turtles are pests.” Replied Rachel.

It’s believed that Jocelyn just had to remove herself from the conversation, not being from the country she just didn’t quite get the relationship between humans and animals. 


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