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A local man has shocked his more cultured colleagues today by telling them that Bob Dylan is his favourite musician.

Garry Park (27) revealed this unlikely truth after a group of them were discussing music over a couple of beers.

Reports from the scene paint a pretty clear picture of the event, witnesses say that the colleagues all turned to each other with doubtful expressions before laughing in Garry’s face.

The Advocate sat down with Garry to try and find out why he lied, especially to a group of people who were so clearly into music.

“I dunno, he was the first name that popped into my head”

“I just hated not being involved in the conversation,” said a remorseful Garry.

According to his colleagues, they never believed Garry.

“No one actually likes Bob Dylan’s music”

“If they tell you they do, they’re lying. Or private school boys desperate for something that’ll give them an edge,” quite rightly put one of Garry’s colleagues.

With work looming on Monday, it remains unclear whether Garry will come clean on his claim, or he’ll continue the charade and wear a Bob Dylan printed T-Shirt to work in hopes of convincing them.

More to come.   


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