It can be confirmed today, that Chinese trolls on social media are having a field day right now.

This comes as a doping scandal rocks the Australian Swimming Team.

It was revealed in the last 24 hours that Australian swimmer Shayna Jack had failed mandatory anti-doping test, returning a positive finding.

The swimmer maintains her innocence and has publicly stated that she is unaware how she managed to consume the banned substance, but Swimming Australia is under fire for failing to reveal the failed test when it occurred a couple of weeks ago.

This revelation follows Mack Horton’s vocal stance and protests against Sun Yang’s place in the sport because of the doping-stain on the Chinese swimmer’s record.

Those protests caused somewhat of a diplomatic row and sent plenty of Chinese social media accounts into a frenzy in the comment section.

The new scandal has now sent those accounts into a fever pitch, with renewed calls for Australia to ‘eat kangaroo shit,’ for some reason.

It’s believed that everyone even remotely connected to Australian swimming team has been bombarded with comments laden with pill and syringe emojis.

“Yeah, it’s been a big few days in the comments section,” said a spokesperson for the team.

“Ah well, it will only be another few days and everyone will go back to not caring about swimming again.”


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