Despite the fact that she was present at the 1997 Newcastle Knights premiership afterparty, a local mum has declared that you don’t need alcohol or drugs to have fun.

While lecturing her oldest son (18), Mrs Maitland-Cessnock seems to be forgetting how she used to spend her weekends just a couple years before he was born.

“You kids with your binge drinking” she says, disapprovingly.

“I couldn’t have imagined going out and getting plastered like the kids do nowadays”

What’s more, the mother of three claims to have never seen a fistfight in her entire life. Not including Spud Carrol verses Cheif, of course.

However, when not around her easily-influenced and volatile teenage sons, this local mum loves reminiscing with her girlfriends over a couple of wines.

“It wasn’t just Andrew and Matty Johns. Daniel was there too” she giggles.

“It was better than lego”

While briefly taking off her ‘mum hat’ and punching a Benson & Hedges Smooth over some locally-made Hunter Region sauv blanc with the girls, Mrs Cessnock-Maitland still insists her days of partying with the Knights players was much different to what the kids are getting up to nowadays.

“It was very different back then. There was none of this dance music stuff”

“It was just a bit of Screaming Jets, Fannies and football… We’d all be home in bed by 11”

“In the morning [laughter]”



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