Indigenous leader Noel Pearson need not worry about being called a liar or worse, a defamer, after he was alleged to have called Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull a “white cunt” in what one witness described as an offensive tirade outside the Prime Minister’s office

Pearson, a notoriously hot-tempered black academic, is also believed to have referred to Indigenous Minister Ken Wyatt as a “black cunt” and Indigenous Labor senator Pat Dodson as a “fucking black cunt”.

Speaking to the media today, Turnbull says he thinks while Pearson could have expressed himself a bit more eloquently, technically he is correct.

“As far as I know, I don’t have any Aboriginal heritage. Neither does Lucy… So no one in my family is Indigenous” he said.

“Noel was correct in calling me white – as I am a white man”

“…and I’m a politician too, so the second word he used is pretty fair as well, I guess”

Conservative commentators around the country are distraught today, upon learning that Pearson also referred to black politicians as black cunts, and therefore they are unable to claim that his tirade is a perfect example of how black people can be racist to white people too.

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