It appears that President Donald Trump has today been elected as the last ever President Of The United States Of America.

Earliest indications suggest Trump has succeeded in winning over key swing states in the nation’s mid-west.

It is not yet known which way the American Empire will crash and burn to the ground, but analysts predict it will be through either environmental or economic inaction. War is also being suggested as a key way for the country to fall a part.



  1. US is on the brink of martial law and various sites claim that 40 to 140 million yanks will be killed. (Useless mouths). The New World Order intends to kill %83 to %85 of the planet’s population by 2028. Have a look at Phill Schneider on YouTube. (he was tortured and murdered). They’ve got over 1400 deep underground military bases (DUMBS) around the world powered by mini-nuclear power plants. Obama is provoking Putin into a tactical nuclear war because he won’t cooperate with the NWO. While the radiation is swirling around us those grubs will be safe underground pressing buttons. Have look at FEMA camps, UN convoys in America, UN tanks on US trains. They’ve got 131 DUMBS in US connected by mach 2 magnetic levitation railways. Have a look at the CIA Red/Blue list. Everyone on the Red list will be dragged out of their homes at 4am and be dead within 24 hours. State police have been supplied with automatic weapons and light, armoured vehicles. There are thought to be at least 350 000 foreign soldiers underground to sort out who will live and die. I don’t think Trump will last, one signature from Obama and the Attorney General and it’s martial law. The net will be turned off and airports shut. Have a look at ’12 Executive Orders’. Feds will control food, water, transport, utilities, communications, everything. I expect millions of women and children will be raped and thousands tortured to find out where the guns are. 200 000 000 guns thought to be in private hands. Have a look at Walmart supermarkets – about 270 have been gutted and taken over by the military. Survivors will be microchipped. Walmart developed the technology. (The Biblical ‘Mark Of The Beast’). Do what you’re told or you’re number is turned off and no food. The Port Arthur Massacre was an obvious inside job to get our semi-autos for the NWO. Bryant has an IQ of 66, he’s not one of the top 20 combat marksmen on the planet. Firing from the hip, (astonishing) the gunman killed 35 and injured 19 in 2 minutes. Bryant was never at the Broad Arrow Café. Our Feds. have been building disguised prison compounds. There’s one just North of Robina railway station on the Gold Coast. Type ‘Robina Detention Centre into search engines. The Queen, the Vatican and the UN is involved. The only thing that will stop this is the intervention of Human-like aliens called the Pleijarens or Pleiadiens. They have had talks with the US gov. about stopping war on this planet and giving us peace, enlightenment and clean energy. Obama once fired a nuclear ballistic missile at Iran and they shot it down. Look at it on YouTube – a flying saucer zooms in and fires 3 laser beams at it. They monitor our communications and read the minds of our leaders by telepathy. There is long message from them on the net asking us to vote by telepathy for them to send thousands of spaceships here. They or their colleagues overrode a TV transmission in the UK in 1977 warning us about the NWO and the loss of our freedoms. It’s also on YouTube.

  2. Brilliant headline- if not a tragic prediction. By openly bearing his true character during the campaign , electors have now given Trump a mandate and licence to do whatever he desires as President. He cant ever be accused of hiding his intentions. The biggest surprise on election night was a victory speech without the characeristic bile that character assassinated Clinton, McCain and everyone else in his way.It looks like “collateral damage” will be the most frequent future headline.

  3. The US has regained the title of the stupidest country on earth. The Brits took the award earlier this year when they voted to leave the EU. In a desperate bid to regain the title the us has voted in Trump as their leader. The Brits have been left scratching there heads wondering what they have to do to regain the title.


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